…and we build our own truths (2012) – 15′


Choreography by Elisa Foshay


Performance History

  • February 8, 2013 on Peabody Park Bridge at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro – video
  • September 2012, 9th Annual UNCG New Music Festival
  • Fall 2012, collaborative recital with UNCG Dance Department


*winner of the UNCG Campus Sustainability Initiative Grant 


Program Notes

This work encourages listeners to experience sounds as they are, while framing the space the work inhabits. In doing so, the piece illuminates the juxtaposition of man and the natural environment all the while fostering a connection that has largely been discarded. The music is created using the bridge in Peabody Park on the campus of UNCG with sounds found naturally in the surrounding environs (water flow from the fountain and the creek, wind through the trees, ambient street noise, insects, and the sounds of pedestrians). The work engages the audience to be active participants rather than passive observers in the performance.

“If we needed any truths, we could construct them ourselves.” – David Bowie

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