Exordium (2011) – 6′

Exordium – Score



flute / oboe / English horn / bass clarinet (with low c) / tenor saxophone

Percussion: vibraphone, floor tom, bass drum, Chinese crash cymbal, large tam-tam, small (5”-7”) suspended cymbal, small (10”-12”) suspended gong, large ceramic dinner plate

 electric guitar



violin / violoncello / double bass (with c extension)


Program Notes

Exordium, for mixed chamber ensemble was written during the fall of 2011 during the composer’s first semester of graduate study at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The character of Exordium is one of rhythmic aggressiveness, frenetic energy, and forward motion. The work is relentless in its exuberance and at times, like an overzealous hello in an otherwise quiet room. Present Continuous premiered Exordium on its inaugural concert in December 2011.


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