Piano Trio in five movements, for clarinet, violoncello, and piano (2012) – 7′




II. meditation




IV. élégie




 Performance History

Recorded live on February 8, 2013 at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Leslie Simmons, clarinet; Charlie Rasmussen, violoncello; Antonio Truyols, piano


*Piano Trio fun fact: Antonio improvised the readings of the haiku at the outset of each movement adding a playful atmosphere to the performance.


Program Notes

The five brief movements of the Piano Trio no. 1 were composed for and dedicated to the Flint River Trio from Albany, Georgia. These miniatures were written to focus on distillation, laying bare the essence of form and content. Each movement details one aspect of music making: rhythm, melody, form, color, and, temporal perception. The haiku serve to further illuminate the genesis of each movement.



maple seeds gliding

like silent helicopters

above Flint River


II. meditation

small, dim, resolute

shimmering in the darkness

not bowing to it



choose your adventure

freely wander soft places

dream forms and form dreams


IV. élégie

to them, the others

and the ghosts in the mirror

better luck next time



detailed minutiae

crystallized, swirling both at

once and not at all


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