SQUIRREL!!! for alto sax and piano (2012) – 5′ 30″





Recorded live on February 8, 2013 at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Neil Ostercamp, alto saxophone; Shannon Huang, piano


Program Notes

This work depicts how I imagine the scene played out as a squirrel found its way into our house while my wife and I were away during the Christmas Holiday…No this is not fiction…unfortunately…Did you know a scared and hungry squirrel can eat aluminum window sills? Not to mention all the blinds. Yes all of them (pics here)… He did however forgo climbing into the Christmas tree that was still decorated, ignored the piano, my double bass, our library, the single malt, but not the bitters or the curtains…or the brand new sofa… The title though self-explanatory, does owe a small debt to Chevy Chase’s National Lampoons Christmas. This work is dedicated to the memory of the squirrel that died while living it up.

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