Thinking About How we Just Lost Contact, for solo double bass (2004)




acrylic and ink on staff paper and stretched canvas (18 x 24)



(mutlimedia version performed on COLLAPSS #4 – November 2013)


Program Notes

Thinking About How we Just Lost Contact, was an experiment at delving further into my preoccupations with improvisation. This multimedia collage is a co-operative between traditional and graphic music notation, semi-abstract acrylic on canvas, and an improvisational interpretation aesthetic. In addition, there are fragments of music corresponding with sections of the canvas. These fragments of music are rough aural translations of the area they are attached to and are a jumping off point for further exploration and interpretation of the canvas. The work was an attempt to capture and transform into something useful the confusion, anger, sadness, and uncertainty in a post-911 world.

Thinking About How we Just Lost Contact takes its title from a letter I received from my long lost cousin Kelly, for whom the work is dedicated.

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